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It's truly amazing to be able to travel.  It affords you two distinctive and simple perspectives.  It gives you an opportunity to experience new things in a new area.  It also allows you to appreciate your own home and what it has to offer.  However, lets face it, some things that you experience out of town make you truly want to bring that aspect with you back home.  This is the primary reason in opening MDP Fitness.


Potential clients in the Miss-Lou area deserve a dynamic gym that provides options.  Strength programming, TRX suspension training, muscle functionality/stability, core strengthening, Olympic training/lifting are just a few of our options available.


Another primary focus for MDP Fitness is providing quality athletic training on and off the field for young athletes (ages 8-18).  I offer plyometric and agility training for athletes of all walks of life along with proper weight training and mentoring to sharpen not only the body but the minds of our youth.


As an International Sports Sciences Association certified trainer, certified nutritionist, and former collegiate athlete, fitness and overall health is a firm passion for me. It's truly exciting to bring a piece of the big city training landscape to the Miss-Lou area.  

Ignore the noise ... Control your narrative ... Conquer everything!!!!!!!

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